“After reviewing a few outsourcers, I choose FX Alive due to their friendly demeanor and willingness to adapt to our requests. Initially, we had to make weekly revisions to the assignment. FX Alive reacted quickly to these improvements. I am very pleased with our collaboration and will consider collaborating on future ventures as well. I admire their promptness, the high quality of their work, and their IT experience and will recommend them.”

Mia Smith
"When people ask us what sets us apart from other IT solutions providers, we respond that we take it seriously and use any bit of input from clients and customers to better our goods and services continuously."
Laura King
“We are soooooo grateful of FX Alive, for the great job in producing and developing our database. Their team was professional and friendly. Thanks to them, we were able to streamline our goals without ever worrying about our website.”
Lou Hubstank
'I can’t express well enough how this team worked side by side with ours, teaching the software and being very informative. They listened to us regarding our thoughts and suggestions and fully committed to what we wish to accomplish. We are so lucky we found them!”
Justin Evans
“It was great to have a provider that understands which is which in terms of our Security Softwares. We are more aware of how to handle our own systems.”
Elsie Jordan
“We have been working on building a website, when I saw the proposal of FX Alive, I was shocked at how clear and precise that even someone not from the same industry was able to understand it completely. They were there every step of the way.”
Kathy Sinerman
“We have worked with different IT solutions before we were brought to the best! FX Alive helped us not only on our website but also continuously sorting mistakes and errors before even happening. It was great working with smart professional people!”
Jason Holland

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