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What we do

We start by meeting clients in need of Information Technology Network administration, program creation, and database administration. Information technology, engineering assistance, operational development, and educating non-technical employees on company information systems, other computer hardware, applications, networks, printers, and scanners are installed and configured. Surveillance and maintenance of operating infrastructure and networks are services we offer. They are affecting sub managers and freelancers with tasks. Continuous repairs. Protection services for businesses.


Network Management

Operation of a data network via network management system. Network Management systems focus on software and hardware to collect and analyze data.


Technical Support

24/7 technical support for clients all over the globe


Engineering Assistance

Programmers and Developer at your reach


Software Development

Process for developing software that conform to technological standards and consumer criteria.


Operational Development

Improving and developing as we go.


Educating Non-technical employees

Offers free training and seminars for employees


Computer Hardware

Aiming to push through understanding the Computer Hardware as we learn to manage softwares



“After reviewing a few outsourcers, I choose FX Alive due to their friendly demeanor and willingness to adapt to our requests. Initially, we had to make weekly revisions to the assignment. FX Alive reacted quickly to these improvements. I am very pleased with our collaboration and will consider collaborating on future ventures as well. I admire their promptness, the high quality of their work, and their IT experience and will recommend them.”

Mia Smith

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